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The American Medical Women’s Association (AMWA) is an organization of women physicians, medical students, pre-medical students, and other persons dedicated to serving as the unique voice for women’s health and the advancement of women in medicine. The organization promotes the recognition and appreciation of women’s contributions to medicine of the past, present, and future. We organize lunches, talks, and seminars to raise awareness and increase pre-medical and post-baccalaureate students' knowledge of women’s health.

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National AMWA Website

The Columbia Society for Medical Humanities (CSMH) believes that the arts, humanities, and social sciences can enrich the practice of health professionals. Our mission is to educate and excite our premedical community about the application of humanities in the field of medicine, and to encourage premedical students to continue to pursue their passions in the arts, humanities, and social sciences. We believe that engaging our full humanity to connect with our communities will allow us to better serve as future physicians and healthcare professionals.

Many members of the postbac community have experience in the arts, humanities, and social sciences. CSMH aims to serve as a space where we can engage these interests alongside our premedical coursework. We hope that exploring the many facets of our human connection with one another will serve as a source of inspiration and self-care, and we invite you to join us! All are welcome.

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CSMH Website

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To build a community of students, who’s interest in the field of Emergency Medicine may be developed through “skill building” workshops, health professional Q&A’s, and community service.

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This club focuses on integrative medicine as medicine that utilizes various forms of healing to address the personal healing needs of individuals. We take a look at how to combine healing systems such as nutrition, mindfulness, and ancient traditional medicines with biomedicine in order to heal the whole rather than individual parts of the self.

Contact: [email protected]

Integrative Medicine Club Facebook Page 

ISG is dedicated to providing support to international premedical students on campus, and to promoting and fostering discussions surrounding global health.

Contact: [email protected]

The QHA aims to provide a safe and encompassing space for queer and allied premedical students at Columbia, where they can share their experiences, discuss relevant issues (such as LGBTQ+ health issues and disparities), and build a network.

Contact: [email protected]

Social Justice Medicine (SJM) is a student-led club focused on standing up and speaking out for social justice in healthcare. As aspiring physicians, we have a responsibility to educate ourselves about social and environmental health topics. We believe community-based facilitation of awareness and an evolving public consciousness are necessary to reform current challenges regarding access and practices within the U.S. healthcare system. We aim to bring our conversation and community to campuses across the country. SJM is an auxiliary group of Columbia University's Premedical Post-baccalaureate Student Council (PPSC).

Contact: [email protected]

SJM Website

SJM Facebook Page

Our club is specifically designed for students interested in surgery. Our club's purpose is to connect like-minded students, introduce them to lectures and programs, and facilitate discussions to ultimately nurture an interest for those considering a career in surgery.

Contact: [email protected]

This club aims to give Postbac students a chance to decompress through yoga & meditation each week.

Contact: [email protected]

The Healthcare Innovation Club Changing Underlying Problems (HICCUP) seeks to foster an understanding of advances in biotechnology situated within the context of the complex global healthcare infrastructure. The club hopes to educate students on biotech topics such as gene and cell therapy, mRNA drug development, neuro modulation and digital therapeutics as well as healthcare infrastructure topics such as clinical trial design, payer and provider incentive structures, and the COVID-19 response. HICCUP believes that the aspiring medical practitioners of Columbia’s post baccalaureate program are the perfect audience for this education as we set off for careers within a system we ought to know more about. 

Contact: [email protected]

The Postbac Premed Journal Club is a new opportunity for postbac students to learn how to read, interpret, and discuss scientific literature, become aware of and involved in existing research opportunities, and hear from Columbia University Faculty and outside investigators about their research. Please complete an interest form or reach out to Christina Kennard ([email protected]) if you have any questions or would like to be involved in this club!

The Primary Care Club is a new organization that was founded as a supportive peer network of pre-health students at Columbia, committed to exploring their interests in the various primary care specialties through career workshops, group discussions, and shadowing resources.


Rebecca Romano 

[email protected] 

The Reproductive Education Initiative aims to inform and cultivate dialogue around fertility health and family planning as it pertains to future health professionals. It is known that physicians are disproportionately facing fertility challenges due to the rigors of the career path, so it is critical for many of us to be considering our reproductive futures today. We hope to empower the postbac community to make informed reproductive decisions, equipped with knowledge about fertility science and innovations within reproductive medicine, while integrating discourse around ethical, sociocultural, and economic influences that factor into this important decision making.


Kana Higuchi

[email protected]

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